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Cancellation and refund policy

A $500.00-dollar deposit is required when booking any class.
At FFP School, we do understand circumstances can come up that would prevent you from attending the class and dates you have chosen.  For any reason you need  to cancel your dates already booked, we do offer a one-time change of dates at no additional charge. You have up to 1 year to re-book your class at no additional fees.


No refunds for Online classes or digital materials sent to you


No Refunds as we have already set your dates for your class, It will affect another class from being booked on those dates. We do reserve the right to have additional students in the class with you. 










Please note: Kitchen exhaust hood cleaning does require you to work outside. The fans are generally located on the roof of the building. We cannot control the weather conditions. Extreme weather, such as thunderstorms, extreme cold, and snow the instructor would cancel the outside course for your safety. In the event we cancel the outside course, we will reschedule the cleaning the next day. If you are unable to stay the extra day, you will not be charged for the one day missed.

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