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What is a Certificate of Completion
 Certificate of Completion is not an academic credential and there are no state course or grade requirements necessary to earn a certificate of completion

Fixed Fire Protection certificate of completion:
After completing our program  you will receive a (Certification Of Completion)
Does this certificate of completion guarantee you a job? (No) Like any other certificate, certification or diploma it does not guarantee you a job,  

Will the state I live in require any additional requirements before I can begin work.

Some states or jurisdictions may require you to take their exam before you can begin work, if your state requires an exam then your state will issue you a license. It is up to the student to contact your AHJ “authority having jurisdiction,” to find out if there are additional requirements required.


Who can I contact to find out if additional requirements are required in my area I live in
The first place to call is your local fire marshal or the state fire marshal office they should be able to answer these questions for you  


If my state requires a test for a license, why would I need to take this course

At our school we provide you with the skills and knowledge of how to do the work in this industry such as, how to clean a hood system or work on fire extinguishers. Our school provides the fundamentals that are not covered in just a test. Experience is must to enter this industry. 


Hydro Testing fire extinguishers and Fixed Fire Systems


Will I need a RIN number to hydro test fire extinguishers in my state?

A “RIN” means the current re-tester identification number issued by the DOT or its designated agency, to retest facilities that can then legally perform cylinder re-qualifications. Only the DOT or its designated agency has the authority to issue such numbers in the United States.

Each student will need to check with DOT to see if a RIN Number is required before preforming low pressure Hydro Testing on pressurized cylinders 

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