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Hood Cleaning

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                      Openings now for Hood Cleaning School.  

                     Fire Extinguishers and Fixed Fire System

Get the training you need for the future you want


       Certified National Hood Cleaning Association 

          FFP Fixed Fire Protection Association

  • Online Hood Cleaning class $500 

  • Online Fire Extinguisher/ Fixed Systems Class $750.00

  • Buy both online programs $950.00

  • 2 Day Class  $1495.00 Hood Cleaning 

  • 2 Day class  $1495.00 Fire Extinguisher & Fixed Fire Systems

  • 4 Day class  $2495.00 Hood Cleaning, Fire Extinguishers, Fixed Fire systems

  • Additional Student 

  • $500.00


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Hood Cleaning School

Hood Cleaning School

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Commercial kitchen exhaust hood cleaning, Fire Extinguisher inspections is needed by ALL restaurants and any cooking establishment including hospitals, nursing homes, military bases and every type of food serving entity. Cleanings are mostly done at night.  Restaurants are cleaned 2 to 4  times a year depending on the type of cooking, which can take about 3-4 hours per job. Fixed Fire System inspections are required every 6 months.  

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Get paid to in inspect fire extinguishers

  • Monthly Inspections. The NFPA requires inspection of your extinguisher every month. During this check a technician will visually inspect the unit, clean, check pull pin as well as provide documentation of the inspection.

  • Annual Maintenance. An inspection of each of your extinguishers is often required by NFPA or the local AHJ. Depending on your jurisdiction and the type of unit the inspection may need to be performed by a licensed professional.

  • Internal Maintenance and hydrostatic testing. Stored pressure ABC extinguishers are very common, and they often require internal maintenance every 6 years and hydrostatic testing every 12 years. Other types of extinguishers may vary in their internal examination and testing intervals

Fire Extinguisher Service

Fire Extinguisher Inspection
The NFPA requires annual professional fire extinguisher inspections along with monthly inspections that you can do on your own (you can check out the requirements for monthly fire extinguisher inspections here). Fixed Fire Protection  provides annual fire extinguisher inspection services to many buildings throughout Tennessee.   

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